Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mama Paradise Giveaway

Hi all

sini ada lg satu giveaway yg sangat simple..daripada Mama Paradise



very sweet and nice

hope my son will get one!!!

more information of the product click here

For generations children from around the world have thrown cutlery to the floor at mealtime. This unique, fun product provides a practical way of tackling this age old problem and at the same time provides the child with additional benefits too.

The flexible coils attached to Stay-Put Cutlery have a retention which acts like a memory gently returning the child’s hand back to the bowl after the child has eaten. This encourages the child to repeat the process and independent eating skills soon follow. Co-ordination and dexterity are very much enhanced which greatly benefits the child in play and pre-school development.

since he just start to learn how to eat and im just giving him once a day.. just a lil food.. so that he know the taste of food..haha..

but the problem is his shirt must be dirty la.. i hate him to be comot after this will help, i guess


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