Monday, November 2, 2009

"MOBS & Little Clothes Contest Giveaway"

jom kawan2 kita join contest ni pulak

Senang aje..Meh sini

How to join? SUPER EASY !!

1. Be MOBS follower (
2. Be Little Clothes follower (
3. BLOG about this contest. Kindly use the title ...
"MOBS & Little Clothes Contest Giveaway"
4. Copy our contest banner and leave it on the sidebar of your blog with a link back to this contest.
5. LEAVE a comment here with your blog entry link.

That's it !!!

PRIZES... 5x RM10 Little Clothes VOUCHER !!!

Cool eh?? Meaning 5 lucky winners will be chosen using RANDOM !!

GOOD LUCK & Happy Contest-ING :)

Sha of MOBS

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Anonymous said...

Hi... tq ... tlg tinggalkan msg kat comment MOBS bukan my-giveaway ya... good luck :)