Thursday, November 26, 2009

MOBS & Luvable Kids Contest Giveaway

This is another giveaway sponsored by Luvable Kids

For your information, Luvable Kids is an online shop which offers brand new, genuine and affordable selection of our childrens' daily needs. They have carefully selected items that will make those precious years of your lives with your child as affordable as possible, yet safe and of good quality.

There are varieties of products offered and you can just buy it using ur fingertip only!! very very easy .. Among the products are Toys (Soft Toys, Playgym etc), Cute n Nice Clothes for ur Lil one, Bag (LUggage Bag and Trolley Bag), and also Baby Safety Product.

The products that I attract most are-

1. 3 & 4 Drawers Set RM 33.90 each

The size is Size : ( 30Lx30Wx45H )cm

This drawer can help me in organize my babys' toys as it can be stored in this drawer.. Most of my baby's toys (though it is not many..) are scattered everywhere around the house.. In the Playpen, In the Cuddle, In the Bouncer, In the Walker, On the Carpet, Bawah Sofa etc.. Sometimes when he need the toys, I refuse to give when i seem that the toys is not clean as it goes everywhere around the house.. So this drawer will help me to get the toys in easy way and clean Insha Allah

2. Simple Dimple Musical Mobile- Bear / Friends RM 39.90

The product description as below:
A Basic & Must Have For Any Growing Baby
Sweet & Soothing Lullaby That will Sing Baby To Sleep
Easy To Use, Portable & Colourful
Can Be Fitted To Any Standard Cot & Crib
Excellent To Stimulate Baby's Visual & Auditory, Sensory Development, Imagination, Exploration. Enhance Baby's Brain Development Through Fun & Play

Since my baby is just 5 months old.. so i do think that this kind of toys will help him a lot to stimulat his senses.. As he attract to song and moving things, i guess this product suit his interest.!!

3. Simple Dimple Stylish Backpack Diaper Bag - Baby Blue RM 49.90

The description :
Microfibre Material With Foam Padded.
Zipper Opens Fully For Easy Access.
Comes With Many Compartments.
Changing mat Included.
Adjustable Shoulder Strap.Size : 28L x 20W x 37H CM

As my baby's diapers bag is "dunia kaat pergi kubur kata mari".. di hujung nyawa.. This bag will help him feel better.. Now, I just use the Jusco Shopping Bag as his diapers bag..waiting to buy another one ( a quality one of course) no more the cheap and low quality.. beside that, i always bring flask to my baby's nursery.. so this bag is suit to that purpose.. Good and Really Nice..

Wah.. Happy after posting this entri la... this product is soooo nice.. ( Korek2 Dompet dn Usha2 Hubby la jap lagi)

Back to the Giveaway.. The prizes are

1st prize NeoGeo Hanging Organizer worth RM50
2nd prize LuvableKids Store Shoe Voucher worth RM20
3rd prize LuvableKids Store Book Voucher worth RM10

So.. grab the opportunities now! before 30 Nov

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