Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Dressing Barn : Tell us what you think CONTEST

Wah.. the owner of MDB is sooooo generous... always having contest.. and invite me to join.. admire your generosity ... to partcipate click here.. (meh aa meriahkan..untuk tolong owner yg baik hati ni..)

This contest need the participant to comment about the new face of MDB site.. so here my two cents---

First , when i click at ur address..WAH..i am surprise with your makeover.. many changes.. and i HEART your headbar.. though it is big.. but it is nice-look very elegent and reflect your onlineshop..CONGRATULATION for the makeover you have done!!!

However when i scroll down your website.. the picture of VS secret garden sample is a bit disturbing since it is too big at the top of your site... the way you put your entry at the first page is damn good ..since you promoting all the products at one time.. HOwever, ur heading for certain entry is too long that makes me feel that the words are so many an make it a lil bit crowded..

the hot pick product you put at the side bar is okay but the picture is too many..make your side bar is crowded also..

the way you put your friends banner is not effective as it makes your website longer.. i think you should make it moving like the link moving in this site it will make your site shorter and more nice..

All your information at the bottom of your site is should be placed at your sidebar.. as it will help the transaction of your online shop

the BLACk colour is NICE and suit your box..

OVERALL~~nice trying.. im not good in managing blog since i find it too hard to do that.. when you make the makeover .. i think it a good try.. better than me!!!(of course!!)

but there are certain defects that you need to improve since you are open an online will ease and attract the customer..

p/s: there are still rooms of improvement in our life, right? so does what we do!!

Good Luck and Al the BEst.. wish me luck too!!!
all and all... Hope you

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