Wednesday, December 23, 2009

D'Cottage Crafts Giveaway

Salam all.. This is a new giveaway from her name to enter the contest ya!!

How to join?
1. Be my follower in D'Cottage Crafts and Inahaiqal's Blog . Add me in your bloglist.

2. Make a blog entry about this giveaway in your blog. Link to this giveaway too. In your entry put also the top 5 Rank your favorite decal designs. ie.
1st : Summertime Pink
2nd : Pink Delight 3rd : Cottage Houses 4th : Jubilee Rose 5th : Mum's Kitchen Wording
List of decals is here.

3. Make a comment in D'Cottage Crafts , introduce your self and place your blog entry url about this giveaway and e-mail address.

Dateline : 5th January 2010
Prizes: 2 Winners with RM30 worth of decals.
my top 5 rank favourite decal :
1.Summertime Pink (STP)
2.Delight C Curved
3.Strawberry & Cream (SNC)
5.Summer Bloom Pink (SBP)

OK.. Nice Craft yaaaa

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D' Cottage Crafts Inahaiqal said...

Salam anin,

thanks for joining the giveaway... Selamat berkenalan dear..