Thursday, February 18, 2010

Children's Book Giveaway by Little Red Reading Nook

i Love Books so Much.. Bookss and Me cannot be seperated
Moreover, i'm one of the "pendidik"..not only at my office,but also during my leisure time, i love to teach my siblings..and now time for my baby..

i try to persuade my lil baby who is only 8 months old to love reading..haha (is that good or is it a force??)

As i go through my life who see books everyday..

sometime i feel VERY STRESSFUL and  i need a pause.. and take a break..

By looking at this book.. i cheer up my baby and also myself
this also can help
so.. the baby beside learning from his environment..the cute interesting book also can help mommies to nurture the interest of reading in the baby's mind.
so, having giveaway organized by

is a blessing..
because the prizes are
Grand prize : Maisy's Home & Garden Pop-up & Play Book 
Selling price at major bookstores RM79.90. This is the most expensive children's book in my blogshop - my selling price : RM58.00. Click on link above to read full description of this interesting book.

Special BONUS prize (If over 100 entries are received for this giveaway) : Children's Book Hamper
Best blog entry: Hello Kitty Mystery Gift Hamper sponsored by Huiwearn Kids Store
Dateline : 3rd March 2010

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