Monday, February 1, 2010

my first blog anniversary

thanks sudi buat giveaway

hadiahnya utk 2 org
spt dlm banner kat atas
nk join?? clck aje banner

my first blog anniversary….i would like to have a giveaway! i have 2 sets to give...and the lucky 2 will be announce on 2.2.2010! so quickly...write a comment on this post along with ur name, blog link and email address…and tell ur frens about this giveaway on ur blog rite after u read this post! easy peasy rite?! [^_^] can't wait to draw out the 2 winners!

2 yang juga Bersungguh2:

Redbloodsnow said...

wahhh dh setaun eak usia blog nih. happy buffday utk blognya anin..hehe

ardinihumaira said...

nak nak nak! ^_^