Monday, March 22, 2010

MOBS & Luvable Kids Store : FUNNIEST KIDS PHOTO Contest

 take your baby's picture with most funniest face
and make an entry
and WIN

do visit HERE

the sponsor:-

and the prizes

1st prize
NeoGeo Hanging Organizer worth RM50
+ Baby Apparel Voucher worth RM20

2nd prize
NeoGeo Hanging Organizer worth RM50
+ Shoe Voucher worth RM10

3rd prize
Baby Apparel Voucher worth RM10
+ Shoe Voucher worth RM20
+ Book Voucher worth RM10

Deadline : 31st March 2010 :)

last part:- the contestant

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Mama_Aqish said...

cayok2....good luck

Momma Mia said...

alahai geramnya dgn mulut dia tuh..
good luck dear!!

pak long said...

ni how ma...?

luvablekids said...

thanks for joining contest! stay tune for results next month ya...dah letak contest banner on your side bar ? pls add luvablekids in your blog lists.